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Sunday, October 10, 2010

urm,, i've the answer 4 the last nite dat i've tell..he said dat he love me..but not more than ****..
yes! after he know i'm couple wif another guys! he started to forget me!n he found my place! but he juz being 'ss' coz the girl dat he likes have a bf..i'm juz a piece..so sad!i'll never disturb o attend he as 'someone' again..
juz a fwenz!(truly i'm apy be wif u...n i really hurt n suck coz loving u,,i think i need to forgot u..but ur ways make me feel i can't till the end! i don't know where's the truth..u always make me hope n insist of ur love..)

for these time,i'll try all my best 2 let u go in my life!even i can't get it, i'll still do it, till i can.. i'll save u as my broke memory in my love!

now..n maybe forever, n ever...
u juz a shadow in a standing light...


:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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